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Space Odyssey Covid PrecautionsEnsuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the dome has always been the number one priority for Space Odyssey, so that each audience member can confidently immerse themselves in their amazing dome experiences.

The Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic obviously presents challenges and concerns for all of us, but with effective, carefully-considered precautions and procedures in place, Space Odyssey is pleased to offer exciting dome experiences once again!

A full Risk Assessment has been undertaken (available on request) with a series of measures to reduce the risk of infection as much as reasonably possible.

There is a continuous exchange of air into and out of each dome anyway through both the air inflation fan (which runs continuously) and the air conditioning system which filters and cools the air in the dome.

Additional infection-mitigation measures include:

  • Presenter to take NHS lateral flow Covid test on the morning of every booking.  In the unlikely event of a positive result, Simon will contact the school to rearrange the date of the visit
  • Use of high-spec, high-power Blueair 203 air purification system continuously during each dome session, proven to effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria etc.
  • Use of high-power LED UVC Sterilizer system throughout the dome before the first session of the day and during longer breaks such as break times and lunchtimes
  • Disinfection of the whole floor area within the dome before and between sessions
  • Use of hazard marking tape to mark out a social distancing area around presenter during sessions
  • Use of visor by the presenter when groups entering / exiting dome
  • Use of microphone by presenter during dome sessions
  • Frequent hand-washing and hand-sanitising by the presenter
  • Presenter is fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Space Odyssey Covid PrecautionsWe believe these combined precautions will effectively reduce the infection risk as much as reasonably possible. 

This should provide reassurance to those planning to book dome visits that Space Odyssey has taken the risk seriously and that stringent precautions have been put in place to ensure everyone’s collective safety.

We very much look forward to bringing the universe to you very soon!

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