Space Odyssey offers spectacular
360° 3D space and biology learning
 experience for children and 
adults of all ages!



70 Foundation / KS1 pupils
65 KS2 pupils
56 Year 7’s
50 Year 8’s
48 Year 9’s
42 KS4 students
36 6th Form students
up to 32 chairs can be set up for an all-seater configuration (this is more suitable for public presentations)

Please note that almost all secondary schools and colleges will have a hall, gym, drama studio or sports hall large enough to take the larger Galileo dome. So, if you’re looking to have two secondary-school classes experience each session, the Galileo dome should be used instead of the Voyager.

There are, in fact, two Voyager domes!  They are identical in size, but the original one is black and the newer one has a printed outer cover with our logo and exciting spacey pictures.


Which dome Simon uses depends on how quickly the dome needs to be taken down.  He uses the original, lighter-weight dome where a hall needs to be cleared quickly (e.g. for lunch), whereas the newer, heavier dome takes much longer to pack away, so is typically used for all-day bookings.  Don’t worry – the experience inside each dome is just as awesome, either way!

Being so large, the Voyager dome can only be set up inside a reasonably large hall. The minimum hall dimension requirements are: at least 7.0m wide, with at least 3.8m of clear, unobstructed height (that’s 23′ wide by 12’6″ high)

To avoid disappointment, it is very important that you measure your hall / gym / drama studio etc. to be certain
that it meets with these minimum dimension requirements (especially height, which should be measured from the floor to the lowest light fixture / beam below the ceiling in the area where the dome would be set up).

If you are in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the circumstances of your hall. For example, Simon may be able to fit the dome in between beams or light fittings that are slightly too low if they are spaced far enough apart. Alternatively, the smaller Pioneer dome may be more appropriate.

For school bookings, everyone normally sits on gym mats on the floor (although chairs can be put in for those who particularly need them). For youth group events such as Cubs or Brownies, if no mats are available, please ask everyone to bring a cushion to sit on!

In the event of an emergency, the entire dome can be safely deflated in a matter of seconds without it touching anyone inside.

The dome requires access to two normal power sockets.

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