Space Odyssey offers spectacular
360° 3D space and biology learning
 experience for children and 
adults of all ages!



Crucially, each dome offers an incredibly effective learning environment in which young people can grasp otherwise abstract concepts in an exciting and memorable way, providing a great springboard for masses of cross-curricular work.

Every session is carefully differentiated to suit the age and ability of the group involved. With each one being led by a qualified and highly experienced teacher, Simon Ould, you can be assured that all shows are planned and delivered to maximise the students’ learning opportunities.

Amazing space science and astronomy presentations are offered for all ages, from Pre-School and Foundation Stage through to A-level – and beyond!

Fascinating biology-based shows covering Evolution & Inheritance are offered from Year 5/6 upwards and Cell biology/DNA for Year 9+

Space Odyssey offers superb value for money, with visits usually working out between £3 – £7 per pupil. The more classes involved, the cheaper it works out per head. Please see Booking / Prices page for further details.

Every Space Odyssey show is a unique, interactive, presenter-led experience, carefully differentiated to be suitable for the group involved.  Each includes  the clever use of spectacular 360-degree, 3D immersive imagery projected all around the dome, with Simon using an amazing range of ‘Fulldome’ video clips, animations and software to educate, enthuse – and inspire!

Where appropriate, shows can include fantastic ‘Fulldome’ films such as the ones shown below

Space Odyssey - Dawn of the Space Age showDawn of the Space Age
New for 2019! Dawn of the Space Age is a stunning 25 minute Fulldome film exploring the exciting history of the Space Race, including the Apollo XI moon landing in July 1969 – great to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of this amazing achievement!

Space Odyssey - Astronaut George showAstronaut George
Especially for younger children: Join Astronaut George on an exciting adventure visiting the planets of our solar system (for ages 2-6)

Space Odyssey - We are Stars showWe Are Stars
An incredible film from the award-winning creative team at the National Space Centre, We Are Stars tells  the amazing story of atoms and our intimate connection with the history of the Earth and the very Universe itself! (for Year 6+ but particularly KS3/4)

Space Odyssey - Natural Selection showNatural Selection:
Darwin’s Mystery of Mysteries
Introduced to support the new Year 5/6 topic on Evolution & Inheritance, this breathtaking film follows Darwin on his voyage of discovery, bringing this exciting topic to life! Simon’s very popular Evolution shows are easily adapted for KS3&4 groups, too.

Space Odyssey -We are Aliens! showWe Are Aliens
A fabulous film exploring how and where scientists are searching for evidence of alien life, in our own solar system – and beyond! (for Year 6+)

Space Odyssey - Cell!, Cell!, Cell! showCell! Cell! Cell!
A stunning biology film specially created to enrich the science curriculum. It explores cell structures & organelles, DNA, stem cells, genetics, organ systems and more! (for Year 9+)

Space Odyssey - Secret Lives of Stars showSecret Lives of Stars
A great support for GCSE and A-level physics, Secret Lives of Stars explores the science behind the origins and life cycles of a wide range of stars in our cosmos. This film is often used as part of longer dome sessions on stellar science and cosmology (for Year 9+)

Capcom Go! Capcom Go!
Discover the incredible story of how humans first travelled from planet Earth to land on and explore another world, over 50 years ago (for ages 8+)

Solar Quest showSolar Quest
This is a great fulldome short film explaining the Sun-Earth environment, solar physics, space weather and its effects on our planet (for Year 8+)

Space Odyssey - Origins of Life showOrigins of Life
A fascinating journey through time, exploring how planet Earth has become a haven for life: from the Big Bang through mass extinctions to the present – and how we can apply this knowledge to the search for life beyond!

From the Earth to the Universe
Exploring the development of astronomy through the ages, from the earliest civilisations right through to the cutting-edge astronomical technologies of the present day, as we probe deeper and further back in time

Fun and engaging for all. The SHOW Reinforces concepts being covered, in a lively and interesting way that engages the children. A fantastic experience for the children.